Naty H.E.A.L.S. Mission Statement

H.E.A.L.S stands for Healing Enlighten Awakened Light Souls

The mission is to advocate for those seeking spiritual and emotional healing. Naty H.E.A.L.S. supports individuals in connecting with their "Highest Selves," a distinct entity from the physical body.

To empower individuals to embark on their soul's journey. This involves aligning intentions with intuition and harmonizing with one's Spirit to live in peace and purpose.

I strive to bring you into wholeness of mind, body, and soul through Reiki healing, spiritual guidance, and shamanic practices. My approach aims to enable you to forge your path and fulfill your highest potential.

All healing is self-healing. I urge those seeking services to take full responsibility for their sessions and healing journey.

Open and honest communication is the key to liberation.

These Pillars of Faith serve as Naty H.E.A.L.S. guiding principles:

I ask that all clients embrace these pillars and fight fiercely for their healing journey

  1. Be Impeccable With Your Word.

    • Recognize the power of your words and thoughts
  2. Don't Take Anything Personally

    • Understand that others view the world through their own experiences
  3. Don't Make Assumptions

    • Seek understanding before passing judgment
  4. Always Do Your Best

    • Commit to the journey of self-healing with unwavering determination

I recognize the transformation may be challenging, but the potential for joy and happiness is within your reach.