Why I use this Picture?

As you can see this is the image I chose for my company. This is my grandmother, Trinidad, or as I would call her, Ama 💜

Trinidad Lopez was born 6/1/1932. She lost her own mother at an early age and helped her father raise her siblings. In her teen years she competed in beauty pageants in Mexico and won. She married my Apá at 15 and together they had 13 children. They were married 56 years. Together with some of their children they migrated to American and created a life here in New Jersey. I have many great memories of her. Like watching her  picking blueberries in the field as I watched from under a bush next to her as she let me eat the fruit and drink her fav drink (Coca-Cola.) She even let me help when she was cooking for all the farm workers after a hard day of work. She would play dolls with me and teach me how to care for my little cousins. She would teach me how to cook her favorite recipes. Before church I’d run over to her apartment and do her hair and makeup just to see her smile. She stood up for me when I did not have a voice as she did for so many. Nothing ever stopped her joy even when she was sick. Ama struggled with Diabetes and other ailments that no the Doctors couldn't seem to help her with. I remember I would sit for hours in the hospital just hearing her sing or tell me stories of her past. She was as tough as they come and as gentle as could be. The day she passed away she took a piece of my heart with her. She passed away at 62 from her ailments,  she will never be forgotten. 📷

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